Coral Thai Spa

Coral Thai Spa offers you the idyllic surrounding for the ultimate spa experiences. Rated as one of the best Hotel Spa in Chittagong. Coral Thai Spa located charmingly on the Eighth Floor of the luxurious Well Park Residence. An embodiment of our commitment to wellness, the Heavenly Spa by Well Park allows you to immerse your body and mind as well as rejuvenate your spirit in a soothing sanctuary of tranquility. Choose any Coral Thai Spa by Well Park signature treatment and let a professionally trained therapist guide you on a pathway of renewal.

Thai Traditional Massage

Discover this ancient Thai technique, which incorporates stretching and energy line compressions to restore balance, to the entire body.

  • 60 Minutes Tk. 2,200++
  • 90 minutes Tk. 3,000++
  • 120 minutes Tk. 3,800++

Aroma Therapy- Oil Massage

A relaxing and calming medium pressure massage to melt away stress and revive the senses. Using the famous Traditional Thai Oil nourishing mask, this treatment to combats stress.

  • 60 Minutes Tk. 2,800++
  • 90 minutes Tk. 3,800++
  • 120 minutes Tk. 4,500++

Swedish Massage

A wonderful combination of medium and deep pressure, using specic strokes that help reduce stress, for both emotional and physical. Recommended as part of a program for stress management.

  • 60 Minutes Tk. 3,000++
  • 90 minutes Tk. 4,000++
  • 120 minutes Tk. 4,800++

Detox Massage

This massage is detoxifying treatment begins with a loofah exfoliation to cleanse the skin. While you are cocooned in this nourishing, firming and detoxifying wrap, enjoy a deeply relaxing scalp massage. The treatment is completed by an application of multivitamin body cream.

  • 60 Minutes Tk. 3,200++
  • 90 minutes Tk. 4,200++

Sport Massage

This is full body deep tissue massage in appropriate either before or after exercise to help increase circulation and warm up the muscles, preventing strain and relieving aches and pain. Ideal for anyone involved in sports, fitness or heavy physical work.

  • 60 Minutes Tk. 2,800++
  • 90 minutes Tk. 2,800++

Anti-Stress Neck Shoulder Massage

A de-stressing massage focusing on the neck, shoulder and back. This pressure point massage on the head, neck and shoulders helps to release mental stress and tension. It also frees knots of muscular tension.

  • 60 Minutes Tk. 1,500++
  • 90 minutes Tk. 2,000++

Thai Herbal Compress

If time is of the essence, this intensive treatment will provide immediate tension release to the head as well as nourish your scalp and indulge your senses, deeply relaxing and skin-nourishing herbal massage relaxes the lower back muscles, increases circulation and reduces muscle soreness. This treatment not only combats stress but will also leave your body relaxes and healthy. It is like getting two treatments in one!

  • 90 minutes Tk. 3,800++

Thai & Foot Massage

Instantly lift heaviness and achiness from the feet and lower legs by combining various techniques to fully relax you after a long trip, a serious round of sports or even a shopping spree. Compressions with steamy towels finish this divine experience.

  • 90 minutes Tk. 3,200++

Body Treatments

Body Scrubs & Aromatherapy Massage

An organic body exfoliation using our private label indigenous Body Scrub which blends natural Aromatherapy with Thai botanicals for an aromatic skin soothing treat. Followed by an application of our signature Indigenous Body Lotion, rich in vitamins and nutrients that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and healthy.

  • 90 minutes Tk. 4,000++
Thai & Aromatherapy Massage
  • 90 minutes Tk. 4,500++
Body Scrubs & Thai Massage
  • 90 minutes Tk. 3,500++
Body Srubs
  • 90 minutes Tk. 2,000++
Foot Reflexology Massage
  • 30 Minutes Tk. 1,500++
  • 60 minutes Tk. 2,000++
Silver Course Beauty Facial Treatment 6 Steps
  • a. Facial Washes
  • b. Natural Toner
  • c. Facial Cool Vapor
  • d. Facial Polish
  • e. Hydro Intensive Renewal Gel- (Facial Pack)
  • 06 Steps 60 minutes Tk. 4,000++
Hand-Foot & Head SPA
Extra Spa Pleasure Duration Minutes Price in BDT
Coral Spa Manicure 60 Tk. 1,200++
Coral Spa Pedicure 60 Tk. 1,400++
Coral Hand Massage 60 Tk. 1,200++
Food & Hand Massage 60 Tk. 2,000++
Coral Oil Head Massage 60 Tk. 2,200++

NB: Spa Services and facilities are available to guest age 18 and older. The Coral Thai Spa is open from 11:00 am till 11:00 pm. Our Spa Hot line: 01841735577